Dear D is a video about romantic relationships and love, compiled from screenshots. The stream of stills, skipping from one website to another and sometimes into a word processor, is shown on a computer screen. It is punctuated by a female voice’s background commentary in English and by the occasional snippet of appropriate music.

Love email

On this video a woman reads out a letter – or, rather, a love email – in which the writer confesses passionate feelings of love and affection for the recipient. The text has numerous references to love-related works by various writers, including Siri Hustvedt’s essay collection A Plea for Eros (2006), and the novels Letter to D: A Love Story (2007) and I Love Dick (1997) by André Gorz and Chris Kraus.

Feminist archive studies

Marge Monko is an Estonian photographic and video artist whose works are often based on specific historic or social events, ideas or image material, usually analysed from a feminist or psychoanalytical point of view. Monko often makes use of archived image materials and diverse staged elements.