Infinity is a platform for sound art and electronic music by Pink Twins. Anyone can remix their own versions of Pink Twins’ source material, which offers inspiration for a boundless array of new soundscapes. The content is based on studio recordings of the duo’s electronic music from the past decade.

To infinity… and beyond

Infinity is both an interactive artwork as well as a new type of platform for releasing, distributing and archiving music. The desktop version is a mixing platform enabling anyone to create their own mixes of Pink Twins´ music. Sourcing the titles of hundreds of thousands of pop tunes, the inbuilt AI system gives each mix a unique song title.

You can save your mix and share it on social media. You can listen to mixes by other users on the mobile version of Infinity.

Fusing digital sound and image

Pink Twins, aka artist duo Vesa and Juha Vehviläinen, are best known for their large-scale video installations and visually stunning live performances. The duo’s work is influenced by the traditions of electronic music, noise, dub and psychedelia.

The work was commissioned by Kiasma for ARS17+.

The production of the work has been supported by AVEK, The Promotion Centre for Audiovisual Culture.