Marja Viitahuhta & Ánnámáret


The group's works

Nieguid Duovdagat (Dreamscapes) combines sounds and images into a hypnotic whole. The visual language of the music video refers to experimental video and brings associations of electronic music. In the piece a northern landscape is abstracted into a dreamlike stream out of which the viewer can pick up flashes of recognition. Through images and sounds an impression is created of a tension between history and the present. The music is created by Sámi musician Ánnámáret (joik),  Ilkka Heinonen (who plays jouhikko, a traditional string instrument) and Turkka Inkilä (electronics). The video is made by visual artist Marja Viitahuhta.

Family Joiks

Ánnámáret tells us how her work is grounded in the study of archival recordings of joiks belonging to her family. At the same time she reflects on her relationship with the past, the need to turn to the past for answers: “Why do we have the need to research history and roots?” And what is the role of the past in what is to come – can culture be sustained?

Experiments with Music Video

Marja Viitahuhta is a multidisciplinary media artist, who works with moving image, photography, performance and installations. Viitahuhta is interested in the relationship between text and image, and often utilises found footage and documentary methods in her work. The collaboration with Ánnámáret has expanded Viitahuhta’s work into the world of music videos, which she navigates by drawing on experimental film.