For his video Oh the Humanity, Jon Rafman has used a film footage showing a group of vacationers packed inner tube to inner tube, drifting in colourful floats in an overpopulated ocean. Collectively they form a massive human wave that surges forward and back to a soundtrack of ambient music.

A cry for humanity

The exclamation “Oh the Humanity” voices a call for benevolence and compassion. Rafman reveals the paradoxes that exist between the individual and the community. We suffer from loneliness, yet we have difficulty connecting and being authentically present in the digital age. Without moralizing, the artist compels us to critically rethink our mode of presence in the digital world.

Digital navigation

Rafman is an artist, filmmaker and essayist who skirts the borderlands between the digital, physical and fantasy worlds, interrogating themes related to memory, identity, desire and how digital culture affects our everyday lives.

His works are typically composed of images, text, appropriated film footage, video game excerpts and internet memes. He also incorporates digital spaces such as Google Earth, Google Street View and Second Life.

The work was originally commissioned by Daata Editions.