Prospect Revenge by Robertas Narkus is a website. In the piece, a fictional entrepreneur (a character played by Narkus) presents a business idea.

Ironic picture of the time

Narkus adopts the methods used by start-ups and the business world, partly utilising them and partly satirising their clichés and rhetoric. The artwork springs from a frustration with the compulsion to succeed, the demand for quick solutions, and the fear of missing out.


Narkus invites the viewer to accept imperfection and live in the here and now instead of continuously planning for the future. The world proposed by the piece is a balancing between realities and desires, frustration and submission. In spite of his critical approach, the artist sees hope in the present.

The Lithuanian artist Robertas Narkus combines the everyday and the absurd in his art, weaving together events, objects and concepts. His work is based on awareness of how tightly his artistic efforts are knit into economic systems. In 2016 he established an artists’ day centre called Autarkia in Vilnius.