Ed Fornieles’ videos follow the adventures of a cartoon fox – the artist’s vulpine alter-ego – muddling his way through changing black-and-white pixelated environments. We see him swimming in an ocean of people, climbing and falling in a pixelated cosmos, and sleeping on a roller coaster.

The web is inescapable

Having previously worked as a data analyst, Fornieles believes the internet is so ubiquitous as to have become inescapable in our daily lives.

Fornieles sources his material from the internet, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr. His pet theme is our willingness to share information about ourselves on social media – a platform with obviously vested marketing interests.

Virtual vulpine role play

The whimsical, pixel-immersed fox offers us alternative models for dealing with the info-glut and our online character roles.

In a time when even the most intimate events in our private lives are sucked into a torrent of online advertising and corporate narratives, we would do well to pause and reflect on our relationship with the web and our online identity.

The work was originally commissioned by Daata Editions.