In Joonas Hyvönen’s 3D-animation Wet Planet Records the world is submerged in water. Hyvönen’s work show dystopia as a deluge. The rising of the seas is one threatening vision for the world, a landscape of a future time after the ecocatastrophe.

Virtual and Physical

In the dystopic world of Wet Planet Records there are however alternative ways of existing on offer. After the deluge friends and remnants of societal structures remain – and digital technology. The virtual realm remains as it was, on of the ruins of the physical world. Technology is a way of reaching for new ways to being, way to communicate, create new youth cultures. Virtual reality is a safe haven, a possibility and a place for building new communities. In the piece a group of young people has discovered their place in the intersection of virtual and physical worlds.

Digitality as Medium and as Subject Matter

Hyvönen’s primary medium is a computer, making use of gaming technologies. Likewise the content of his works attaches to digital technology and phenomena surrounding it. Hyvönen received his Master’s degree in 2016 from the Academy of Fine Arts (Uniarts Helsinki).