Without Friction by Timo Bredenberg looks at landscapes of economy and technology through urban views of New York.

On Friction Free Network Capitalism

The motifs of Bredenberg’s pieces usually connect with the phenomena of networked society. The story of Without Friction (2018) is built around the different juxtapositions and tensions of network capitalism. The artist is particularly interested in how our experiences and potential lives are delimited as a result of digitalisation. The title of the piece refers to the term “friction free capitalism” used by the former head of Microsoft Bill Gates.

Fragmentary Virtual Spaces as a Site of Action

Bredenberg collected material for his video work at the beginning of 2018 in New York. By photographing numerous buildings related to the economic realm, memorial plaques and interiors, Bredenberg wanted to construct a fragmented image of the world of finance in New York. On the basis of these photographs he made virtual 3D models of the buildings. They provide the scenery for an economic science fiction narrative, in which a roaming artificial intelligence tries to interpret events that led to the demise of network capitalism.