Kiasma Online Art

More and more, art is being created directly for online environments such as social media, blogging platforms or mobile apps. The Kiasma Online Art website brings together a selection of online art as well as moving-image art, for which the internet is today one venue among others.

A work of online art can be created entirely in the online domain, make use of digital online material, it can even be a piece of software. One significant aspect of online art is that it can ascribe an active role to the viewer. The Kiasma Online Art Collection includes games, a VR film, digital paintings, a random-number generator that creates poetry, and an interactive mixer of sound art.

Kiasma Online Art enhances the accessibility of art in Kiasma’s collections, allowing them to be experienced anywhere, anytime. Engaging with a work at home or in a public space liberates the experience from the viewing constraints of the museum context. Online art also effectively breaks down the boundary between the physical and online worlds. It continuously defines, and redefines, itself as well as the ways of making art. Today the internet is an established environment for art to grow, live, evolve and find new forms.

The works in the online collection belong to the Kiasma collection and the Finnish National Gallery collection.

The Kiasma Online Art collection was launched in 2017 as part of the ARS17 exhibition.