Kiasma Online Art

Kiasma Online Art is the web extension of Kiasma’s Collection. It is an internet experience and tribute to today’s online art-makers.

A growing amount of art is being created exclusively for online environments, social media platforms, blogs and mobile apps. Kiasma Online Art is a compendium of topical online works by contemporary artists.

The audience plays an active role in many of these works, which include everything from gaming-based art, a VR film and digital paintings to a Random Number Generator that writes poetry and a mixing platform inviting users to create their own soundscapes.

Kiasma Online Art takes the art beyond the walls of the museum, making the online collection accessible to anyone, anytime and anywhere. It marks a paradigm shift in the way that art is created, presented and experienced. What happens when art is encountered not in a museum, but online? Is the experience entirely different when art is accessed via smartphone on a crowded bus or on the sofa at home? Can art spread in the form of internet memes?

Online art already has a visible presence in search engines, Tumblr and Facebook. It is eroding the boundaries between the physical world and the digital realm. The internet is a natural environment for art to grow, prosper and evolve. These are among the reasons why Kiasma brings Kiasma Online Art to online audiences.

Most of these works belong to the Kiasma and Finnish National Gallery collections.

Kiasma Online Art artists